Olivation Olive Oil Soap HoustonWe are a mother-daughter team who began our soap-making endeavor in February of 2012.  It was never our intention to sell a bar of soap, let alone start a business.

I, MaryAnne, married a Greek in 2006 and spending the summers in Greece quickly became a tradition.  I found myself bringing home little treasures to share with family and friends and a few things to enjoy until the next summer.  This was my way to share a bit of Greece and relish in the memories and nostalgia of our summer trip.  These “souvenirs” always included Greek Olive Oil soap.

I, Carolyn, fell in love with using this olive oil soap (and the Greek oregano) and soon found myself running out before the summer months.  Certainly I could find olive oil soap here in Houston!  I found myself searching specialty stores and found soaps which contained olive oil, but they all had a long list of added oils, preservatives and detergents.  Too many ingredients!

I, MaryAnne, thought back to an undergraduate chemistry class I had taken in college.  All I could remember was wearing protective goggles, lab coats and gloves; and using some type of vegetable oil.  What else, I couldn’t remember, but I was convinced we could do it!

So this began the process of researching recipes, products, equipment needed … what were we getting ourselves into?  Finally, one weekend we got together with a recipe, some olive oil and a coffee whisk…we decided to give it a whirl.  DO NOT make soap with a whisk!!!

Needless to say, we ironed out some kinks that first go, but we actually ended with a fairly successful block of soap, molded in a  sewing machine drawer.

A few years in, we now have a menu of great olive oil body products.  We love working together and we enjoy creating natural products that feel amazing!

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  1. Dear MaryAnne,

    So nice meeting both you and your husband today at the Greek Festival in Dallas. I love all of the products I bought and will buying more through your site in the future. So great to finally find olive oil based products without any chemicals; rare indeed. My thanks to you and your Mom for creating this line!

    Be well,


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